The Jordan Valley Trails Council consist of members throughout the following snowmobile clubs:

We hope you have a great time riding on our trails this year. The Jordan Valley Trails Council continues to work on snowmobile related issues throughout the year so that your experience on our trails is a great one.  Our members dedicate themselves to working on the next year before it even gets started to make sure that your experience on our trails is a good one. 

Quite a bit of work has been done on the trails and we're sure you'll notice! There has been a major change in our signing so please keep an eye on the signs and the trails. Several areas are signed in a totally new method from what you may be used to. We have a great trail system with some very dedicated groomers trying to keep the trails in great riding conditions as much as possible. Remember the GROOMER DRIVERS FOR THE JVTC ARE ALL VOLUNTEERS. Please give them support in keeping the trails nice by not abusing them and picking up after yourself. We all appreciate great trails to ride on.

We hope you've had a chance to ride the trails while the snow has been good.  This year has been a pretty good year for snow, grooming, and riding in general.

The Pisten Bully grooming crew keeps the trails nice and flat. It takes hard work and long hours that the crew puts in to make the trails as good as they are. They take great pride in trying to keep up with the massive traffic that they get hit with in their area.
This site is designed to establish a connection between those who come out and enjoy the trails and those who help take care of them. We hope that you find that it provides you with a greater understanding of how YOUR trails are cared for, as well as providing a means to contribute your ideas, time which is always a valuable contributions.   Please take some time to look around and get to know us better. As you will see, we've brought together all the information your looking for in one place. Trail reports, Snowmobiling news, Trail maps, Snowmobiling legislation, and much more! When it comes to snowmobiling in our neck of the woods, you'll find that our web site should be your first "trail stop" on the information highway.

Our trail system is expansive, covering well over 108 miles of trial, reaching into three counties. We have 3 state of the art groomers that run a tight grooming schedule throughout the snowmobiling season. Two groomers are funded through the state based grooming fund. The remaining groomer is directly funded  by the clubs in the council.  We would like to put a little thank you into Dubie Drags for creating a sweet drag to help us keep our trails as flat as possible with the option of moveable wings to bump up the width from 8' to almost 14' at the flick of a switch.
 Grooming is only a fraction of what it takes to keep the trails in great condition during the season. During the warm months we have to routinely monitor the trails for such changes as trail surface damage, fallen trees, overgrowth, and deterioration of structures. We are also in the process of acquiring additional trails as well as establishing new trails where they have not existed before. This means hundreds of volunteer man hours just to get the trails, expand the trails, and prepare them for the next snowmobile season.
         Everything that is done within our council is 100% volunteer based from the President on down. As hard as our council members and member organizations work to keep things "snow ready", we are always in need of more volunteer help. We will always welcome the help of more volunteers in keeping our trails the best that they can be.
         Several times a year during the off season months we schedule weekend trail clean ups. They are at various locations throughout our system and usually take place from August thru early November. You've heard the saying "Many hands make light work"? Well this is as true as it gets in the case of trail clean ups.

         If you would like to help with trail maintenence or grooming please contact us.  We are also interested in hearing your comments. If you have something to say good or bad, we want to hear from you!  Please click on the contact us link or just click here for a list of people who can help with your questions and assist in addressing your concerns.

We Groom.....    You Zooooom!!!

This could be the death of your two stroke snowmobile.  Please read the article below about E15 fuels.

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