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There have been no dose-dependent changes in liver function tests also. Grade 2 infusion-related reactions were seen in 15 percent of individuals, or 3 percent of total doses administered; these reactions responded to slowing of the infusion of medication, and no sufferers discontinued therapy due to an infusion reaction. Dose-limiting toxicities included: liver failing and death in one patient with intensive hepatic metastases and prior splenectomy/partial hepatectomy at 0.7 mg/kg which was deemed related to research drug; transient grade 3 thrombocytopenia in two patients at 1.25 mg/kg; and quality 3 hypokalemia in one individual at 1.5 mg/kg.Keogh added, AmeriCann has been actively seeing and funding cannabis entrepreneurs in Colorado. These Illinois partnerships demonstrate our commitment to growing our support on a nationwide level. As more claims embrace compassionate medical marijuana programs the necessity for experience, knowledge and capital should increase significantly. Under the terms of the agreements, in addition to consulting, AmeriCann would provide capital for the acquisition of land, working building and capital for brand-new, state-of-the-art cannabis cultivation services. If all licenses are granted to its companions in Illinois, the total expenditure could exceed $9,000,000. AmeriCann's current agreements to provide its expertise and capital are influenced by its companions receiving licenses for which they have applied.