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Cardiogenesis submits an IDE for its PHOENIX System Cardiogenesis Corporation.

SOURCE Cardiogenesis Corporation.. Cardiogenesis submits an IDE for its PHOENIX System Cardiogenesis Corporation , today announced that it all offers submitted an IDE to the Food and Medication Administration to initiate a basic safety and feasibility trial because of its PHOENIX Program in sufferers with refractory angina. The PHOENIX handpiece may be the first device particularly designed to allow physician-directed tissue stimulation and injections of biologic or pharmacologic agents to pre-determined regions of myocardium. Dr. Guillermo Reyes, Department of Cardiovascular Medical procedures, Medical center Universitario La Princesa, Madrid, Spain commented on his preliminary clinical experience with these devices. To date I have successfully treated eighteen patients using the PHOENIX with bone marrow derived stem cells.A little abrasion on the skin, if ignored can result in infection. The infection may cause scars, which may fade, however, not vanish, leaving a mark on the skin for a lifetime. Nobody would want that, right? A scarred epidermis! Centuries ago, every wound was cleaned using different natural and artificial items to cleanse it, prevent infections and heal the wound. A swab dipped in saline water was the most frequent technique used for cleansing followed by software of some antiseptic option, powder or ointment to prevent infection and promote healing. This process was untreated and tedious wounds were susceptible to infections that usually lead to severe health conditions.