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A recently available study suggests.

As a result, that they had triple the known degree of ovarian malignancy at the rodent equivalent of middle age. About 80 % of these got lung cancer, and many of the male mice had small testes – a phenomenon not seen before abnormally. In previous research, by contrast, the same amount of this carcinogen given within a dose had caused a much higher rate of T-cell lymphoma, a type of blood cancer, which this study found to almost vanish when the carcinogen exposure was disseminate over time. Liver cancer was mainly absent. ‘There’s still a whole lot of uncertainty about how the fetus responds to carcinogens and at what factors in time it is most vulnerable,’ said David Williams, a professor of environmental and molecular toxicology at OSU.Other lab tests used to identify C. Difficile colitis certainly are a CT scan of the abdominal, which may show thickening of the wall structure of the colon, signifying irritation. This finding isn’t specific as it might be there in other inflammatory diseases of the colon; however, it could add further proof for C. Difficile colitis in the correct clinical setting. Sigmoidoscopy and colonoscopy are other methods which might be useful in the evaluation of C.