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He says that one 250mg lapatinib tablet accompanied by meals and one glass of grapefruit juice may yield plasma concentrations much like five pills on a clear abdomen. The authors caution against individuals experimenting themselves and state more research to measure the ramifications of drug-combinations on individuals. They are actually currently conducting a scholarly study testing the result of combining a medication with grapefruit juice. The Medicines and Health care Products Regulatory Company says any new suggestions about drug dosages have to be supported by evidence and complete testing through medical trials. The extensive research is published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology.. Breast cancer drug increases results on a complete stomach Experts in the usa say that feeding on the proper food with certain medicines could enhance the effectiveness of medications and also reduce the price of treating sufferers.Thanks to a study by Dr. Colleagues and McDonald from the Heart Function Clinic at Toronto General Hospital, there is hope for these women. They discovered that the affected individuals can be removed the medicine and treated for the center condition, permitting them to resume the tumor treatment unaffected. Approximately 25 percent of breast cancer patients will be candidates for herceptin treatment. Of that number, approximately four to 10 percent will develop a significant heart condition which may bring about congestive heart failure, forcing them to stop their treatment, he says. These patients create a decline in their center function – or ejection fraction – which places them at risk for congestive center failure. The united team examined 18 consecutive breasts cancer patients, treated with herceptin, whose ejection fractions got dropped by at least 10 per cent or who were showing signs of heart failure.