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Also in Global Wellness news: Food shortages in Eritrea natural sexual stimulation.

Also in Global Wellness news: Food shortages in Eritrea; Kenya HIV examining; assist in Malawi, Nepal; U.S natural sexual stimulation . Agriculture appointment BBC Examines Eritrea’s Response To Food Shortages BBC examines Eritrea’s decision to pass on international food assist in an effort to produce enough food for its population. According to Girma Asmerom, Eritrea’s ambassador to the EU, ‘foreign food aid demonises the neighborhood people and makes them lazy.’ The government’s strategy for addressing meals shortages, includes distributing food from some areas in the united states that acquired a bumper harvest, he said. ‘But Eritreans who’ve fled across the border to a refugee camp in northern Ethiopia [said] their government’s plan was causing widespread hunger.’ The article includes rates from a previous Eritrean health ministry employee and John Holmes, the U.N.’s under secretary-general for humanitarian affairs and crisis relief .

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